A Day in My Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How do you balance 3 jobs without going crazy? This is a big question that I have contended with this summer.

The truth is, I am a person with (too) many passions, interests, and hobbies. (What a typical Libra, am I right?) I can envision myself choosing multiple different career paths, and as a result, I am quite indecisive when it comes to my community involvement. This summer, I am working at 3 departments at Western University. First, I am a Western Heads East intern (obviously). Second, I am a full-time Orientation Staff at Student Experience, where I plan and execute an annual volunteer event called Orientation Serves. Third, I am also working at the Brain and Mind Institute as a research intern, where I get to learn and discover cool things about the brain.

My typical day starts around 9am, when I pull myself out of my bed. I do a quick 10-minute meditation, which helps me prepare for the day by clearing my mind. My 10-week-old kitten, Panda, is always sleeping next to me. Isn’t she adorable?

Next, I get ready and have breakfast. To start off the day, my go-to choice is a bowl of oatmeal topped off with chia seeds, flax seeds, and frozen mangoes. While sipping on a cup of tea, I will begin my Student Experience job from 10am-5pm. This typically involves a lot of Zoom calls, writing emails, and completing spreadsheets. As boring as it appears, it’s honestly one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I absolutely love the people that I’m working with, and it’s given me the perfect avenue to explore my passion for philanthropy.

Then, I take an hour break to stretch my legs. If I’m feeling lazy, then I’ll simply play catch with Panda. If I’m feeling energetic, then I’ll do some yoga. My favourite online instructors are Yoga with Adriene and Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube. Next, I’ll make dinner. Recently, I’ve been loving Mexican food, which I am unashamed to admit stems from my passion for Chipotle.

My attempt at an Asian-inspired burrito bowl. It was actually really delicious!

For the rest of the evening, I shift gears to focus on my Western Heads East and research internships. Lately, I have been focused on reviewing and editing Mikono Yetu’s Strategic Plan. To supplement my work, I have also been doing research into effective strategies for policy review and editing, as I am pretty unfamiliar with this field.

Panda, my trusty work buddy.

To unwind before bed, I like to FaceTime my friends and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s funny, heartfelt, with just the right amount of shade—what’s not to love? Also, Bianca Del Rio is undoubtedly the greatest drag queen of our era.

Finding a work-life balance is tough. I’ll be the first to admit that it is a constant battle for me. In the past, my workaholic tendencies have led me to experience of lot of burnout and poor mental health. But ever since I began to prioritize my personal well-being, things have been a lot better in all areas of my life. On Sundays, I turn off all work notifications and strictly focus on self-care through spirituality, exercise, nutrition, socializing with friends, and Netflix (of course). Don’t get me wrong — on some days, I still just want to curl up in bed and do nothing all day. And that’s is perfectly okay. A little self-compassion goes a long way, especially during these crazy times.

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